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Kopal Collaborations | Jyoti & Megha August 18 2019

Artisan magic from Stormy Blue Collection – details fit for the QUEEN you are...

Kopal Collaborations | The Kuku Dress June 18 2019

To err is human.

Fabric defect, or is it just the signature of human hands?

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Behind the Scenes | Prem May 13 2019


Prem means love. 

Our Prem pieces are all made using pure, natural cotton and are lovingly hand embroidered in a Women's Cooperative, supporting true artisanship.

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Behind the Scenes | The Meera Top April 30 2019

Here is a journey that starts with hand drawn scribble, designs and notes ingrained in vintage inspirations and in this case the fusion of the traditional Aztec motifs with a modern silhouette.

This will develop into its originality, making this piece on of its own.

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The Widows of Vrindavan April 23 2019

Known as ‘The City of Widows’, Vrindavan has become the final home for women who have lost their husbands, have been cast out by their families, or are alone in the world.

In 2014, we became involved in an initiative established by social reformer Bindeshwar Pathak, seeking to empower the Widows of Vrindavan, by teaching them the skills necessary to make our clothing line. 

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