Kopal Collaborations | The Kuku Dress June 18 2019

Fabric defect or is it just the signature of human hands?
Every now and then I hear words about handmade fabric—'cut yarn', 'double yarn', 'misprint', 'hole', 'floating thread', 'stain', etc.—branding it as defective.  They feel the fabric is of inferior quality because its not perfect, and they are correct—it is NOT perfect.  But that is not the point of this cloth, to be perfect.
The cloth is human.  Handmade and with flaws.  But that's what makes it unique and special.  
Just like you and me ❤️

We live in a society where if it isn't perfect then it doesn't meet our standards,  if it isn't visually right we don't 'like' it.  There is beauty and curiosity in defective.  It's different and there is a story there, and not boring and within 'compliance' as being perfect.