Artisan techniques
At Kopal we celebrate artisans and their traditional craft. Our hand loom fabrics are lovingly and skilfully decorated using techniques handed down through out generations in India. By enjoying your Kopal garments, you are contributing to the sustainability of these traditions. By supporting the artisans, we keep this ancient craft alive.

Generations of craftsmanship


Natural indigo dye is one of the oldest in existence. Loved and coveted for its distinct blue colour, indigo has been used for millennia in India to dye and print textiles. Natural indigo dyes, extracted from plants, are better for the environment in that the process is cleaner, the waste produced is green and biodegradable. Moreover it supports farmers keeping the tradition of indigo alive.

The use of natural indigo for our garments result in beautiful imperfections and variations, which we believe makes the garments all the more special.



Block printing is a traditional method for creating a repeating pattern on fabric.  Kopal designs a pattern, which is hand carved into a wooden block by artisans who have been practicing this craft for generations in India. This block is then used to hand stamp fabric in a method resulting in repeated pattern.  Block printing requires artisanal skills passed down through generations of practice, and by showcasing this practice within our collections, we keep the tradition alive.

Due to the handmade nature of block printing, there may be variations and slight imperfections in the pattern—which we believe makes it all the more special.


Hand embroidery

All of our garments that feature embroidery are embroidered completely by hand. This supports artisans whose work is otherwise threatened by machines, and ensures the sustainability of this traditional practice.

Due to the handmade nature of our embroidered garments, there may be slight variations and small imperfections—we we believe makes them all the more special.