Behind the Scenes | The Meera Top April 30 2019


I want to take you through the life of one of my garments that will alleviate these curiosities. 


Here is a journey that starts with hand drawn scribble, designs and notes ingrained in vintage inspirations and in this case the fusion of the traditional Aztec motifs with a modern silhouette. This will develop into its originality, making this piece on of its own.
The pattern is then embossed with removal blue ink with intricate details on delicate natural gauze cotton that follow the shoulder line, down the chest in a panel of single thread, hand embroidered in KOPAL original pattern.
The embroidery process involves hand stencilling a scale specific pattern inline and, from then, left in the mastered hands of a team of Artisan woman.


It is talent passed down throughout generations and, in some cases, the only skill they have to earn a fair living.
The Meera Top was intentioned to be a staple piece that is able to work its way into your every day closet as a tasteful, light, summer blouse.
Kopal selectively works with local artisans and mediates its own collaborations so that all benefits and fair wages go directly to the artisans and their immediate communities. Through extensive relationship building Kopal is able to oversee the creation of each and every one of her pieces.
The Meera Top is tailored in exclusive, limited numbers.
 Once complete the Meera Top’s say goodbye to the Delhi workshop and joins our racks at KOPAL awaiting the wandering woman who would select her for the rest of its journey.
Each step of the Meera Top is an additional personal touch, from seed to garment, and finally to you, the wearer. 


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