Kopal Collaborations | Jyoti & Megha

Not sure if you guys knew this about us, but as an ethical fashion brand, we are obsessed with details — those little touches that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

What would we do, where would we be without our expert artisans,
humble in their supreme skill and magic that does nothing short
of bring our Kopal garments to life. We are proud to be an ethical fashion brand, with our clothes made in India, by amazing artisans.

Our sustainable handloom fabrics are lovingly and skilfully decorated, by artisans using techniques handed down through out generations in India. By wearing your Kopal garments, you are contributing to the sustainability of these traditions. Besides that you are also contributing to a better world by buying sustainable fashion. At Kopal we care deeply about sustainability, which is why we will always choose slow fashion over fast fashion. Let’s gentle for the world we live on.

Details fit for the Q U E E N that you are. 

Featured artisan craft in the Stormy Blue delivery is the incredible 
handloom cotton jacquard, dyed with natural indigo (of course) 
with hand embroidered detailing made by our artisans.

Made in India beautiful in its simplicity, and carrying generations of tradition with ease.

Key pieces that feature this artisanal handiwork are the
Jyoti top, Megha top, and Megha pant.

Classic styles that will become instant sustainable go-to's in your wardrobe x


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