Vanilla Block Print

My Vanilla Block Print is a custom print - created and designed by me. With any block print, the first step is always for me to sketch it out and craft the sample of the actual block print I want. For this pattern, I went for a floral touch and then lovingly crafted it into two ethereal styles that I hope do it justice this season. 

In my SS20 collection I visited the artisan town of Bagru, the small artisan town in Rajasthan to create my Indigo block print. For this, I was lucky enough to work with a New Delhi based block print family to create this hand made masterpiece.



Using a Vanilla color palette to showcase this stunning print, perfectly fitting in my Sand Swept delivery, I crafted the print into two magical styles, my Ruby Dress and Longaya Top, to show a more elegant and elevated style sure to catch your attention.

The hand process of block printing assures that each and every single piece will be different and unique.


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