Ultimate Byron Bay beach guide

Byron Bay. How lucky we are to call you our home!

Whether you are a local, a visitor, or just an admirer from afar, the magic that is Byron Bay is worth seeing year-round - and no visit is complete without a visit to some of their amazing beaches. Before the world changed, we spent an afternoon visiting our top 5 beaches, with the lovely Brittany, enjoying each with its own special characteristics and magic.

Each of the 5 magical beaches we visited, we, of course, did so in typical Kopal style, in an equally magical and amazing Chand Dress, which also comes in 5 different amazing colours! 

Hand made by artisans in India, the Chand Dress comes in 2 unique prints designed by Kopal, our best selling and most elegant dress - equally at home strolling along the iconic beaches of Byron Bay as they are posing for photos at The Pass.

Clarke's Beach

The closest main beach to the main town of Byron Bay, Clarke's Beach is a lovely wide and open beach, where I often spend time with my son at Nipper's training. A short stroll in either direction takes you to the iconic Pass or surf club - both well worth the walk.

As you walk down the beach path to the beach, you feel both a sense of tranquility and excitement at the same time. The ocean is calling me.

We chose to visit in our Chand Dress, X-Ray Print, Indigo - our softest and lightweight dress which blended with the blues of the picture-perfect ocean perfectly.

Byron Bay Lighthouse

I know this is not actually a beach, but who could resist adding it to my Top 5 list! No visit to Byron Bay is complete without a visit to the iconic Byron Bay Lighthouse, and of course who could blame us for wanting to look fabulous whilst visiting.

In case you did not know, Byron Bay is the eastern most point of Australia. This makes the historical importance of the lighthouse even more important than it is iconic. Nowadays though, no trip to Byron Bay is complete without a stop here.

I usually try to come for sunrise or sunset, especially for the chance to see the whales and dolphins, any time of day is worth visiting. The lovely breeze and views mid-afternoon gives a great viewpoint over all of Byron Bay and the surrounding beaches down to Broken Head.

We chose to wear Chand Dress in our unique Suraj Flower Print - Desert Orange, allowing the bright whites of the lighthouse and clear blue skies to highlight the bright floral pattern in this heavier cotton dress, made for such a special occasion as this.


Wategos Beach, Byron Bay. The little cove of Wategos Beach, is, I believe, the most picturesque and amazingly beautiful beach in all of Byron Bay.

With only one small road, life here is even slower than the rest of Byron Bay, a quick coffee from the truck outside Rae's or an afternoon cocktail in Rae's are about the only thing you can do other than enjoy the breathtaking beach.

For this occasion, we felt the stunning plants and scenery would blend perfectly with our Chand Dress Suraj Flower print - Palm Green. It blended in seamlessly with nature and was equally at home strolling along to Little Wategos beach as it would have been for a late lunch cocktail at Rae's.

The Pass

The Pass. Almost known by that name alone now not only in Australia but across the world.

Home to our favorite surfing spot for families and influencers alike, it is no wonder The Pass is the destination of choice for photoshoots and weddings in Byron Bay.

The iconic rocks, the peeling, and gentle surf break, and of course the boardwalk out to the point has been home to many an amazing photo - just like ours!

What else could we chose to wear here but our Chand Dress X-Ray Print in Parrot, with the soft and flowy cotton draping elegantly as we stroll along the beach and out towards the water's edge.

Tallow Beach

And no visit to Byron Bay would be complete without a visit to Tallow's Beach, running from the Byron Bay lighthouse all the way to Broken Head.

The most isolated and protected beach stretch in Byron, it seems a world away from the more touristy and trendy beaches. If you have a dog and want to walk along the beach aimlessly throwing the tennis ball, this is where you come. The most amazing sunsets, this is a tranquil and idealic spot you stroll for hours and get back to nature, with barely anyone in sight.

Such a beach is perfect for a casual stroll in our flowy and comfortable Chand Dress X-Ray Print in Desert Orange.

Which of these amazing Byron Bay beaches do you love the most?

And which of the amazing Chand Dresses - hand made by artisans in India - is your favorite? These 5 beaches I have listed here are just some of the many many amazing beaches and places to visit in Byron Bay, Australia, the amazing and enchanting please that I am lucky enough to call my home.

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