The Puri Dress

100% linen craftsmanship with hand block print

Already seen my stunning Puri Dress?! My most elegant dress in a mid length body is tailored to perfection, with perfect wearability. The front bib is a masterpiece to behold, meticulously tailored with mini pleats all around and extending to the back neck, showing off the craftsmanship at its best.

linen, handmade handcrafted

And don't forget about the front closures made from recycled metal buttons, and a tiered bottom with full skirt for a fun, feminine and liberating movement. The slightly puff long sleeves with perfect cuffs to add to the attention to detailed tailoring - showing the hand made attention to detail in each and every single dress.

tailored to perfection with pleats on the bodice in the most intricate fashion

Entirely hand made by my team of skilled artisans in India, from from 100% Hand Block Print Linen.

authentic artisans

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