The making of my Black Ambi Print

My Black Ambi Print takes center stage in my current Cochin delivery, special in not only the hand designed block print or the all natural dyes, but the hand made process used to create each and every single piece.
Forming the base of many key styles this season, the Black Ambi Print shines here in my Aarti Dress, where we can see a mixing with the hand quilting done on the front yoke to provide a contrast to the main body. Entirely made by hand, this garment takes about 10 hours to make - and is full of the usual Kopal details including hand made tassels made from 100% waste fabric.
I often talk about my garments being hand made and made from all natural dyes, and the above illustrates 4 components that goes into each and every single garment. From the Walnut husks used to create this dye, to the mud resistant dye method, to the hand block printing and lastly the hand made trims used to finish every single garment.
As with all of my line, the hand made nature means there will be some small differences in each and every single piece. I think this is more a sign of the human and man made touch, and hope that you can understand and appreciate that too..

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