The Floral Net Print in Indigo

My Floral Net Print Indigo is a print inspired by Ajrakh Prints, a rich and complex hand block print that I wanted to include in my collection to add romance.

Made by the Khatris community in Kutch, India, Ajrak is a renowned block-printed textile that is distinguished by the richness of its colors, like its heritage. Vibrant blues with reds, with complex and intricate geometric & floral patterns, make it highly sought after the world over.

Its name, Arjakh, is derived from the word 'Azarak', which means 'blue' in Arabic & Persian, and is said to signify the Universe, because of the use of color palate. Red represents Earth, black for darkness, white for clouds, and blue is meant to represent the Universe.

Think moonless, think midnight, think darkness. The stars illuminated in the vast sky, set against a stark blue-black background. This is what I often dream about when I design my collection. This is the romance that each piece or print has for me in my design process.

See all my amazing Floral Net Print Indigo pieces in Enat Dress, Jaipur Dress, and the Rina Dress.


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