The details behind our Puri Dress

Of all my dresses this season, my Puri Dress without doubt has been my most special from a fabric and detail perspective. I already wrote separately about the dress, but its such a magical piece I had to revisit and provide some more details and insight into its construction.

Mud resistant hand block printed using all natural Indigo dye sounds amazing - but what does it really mean?


Using a hand carved wooden block, a muddy mixture made from all natural local ingredients is applied to the plain cloth in the block printed fashion/design that can be seen here. Entirely done by hand this is a masterful process passed down from generation to generation.

Once dried, the fabric is then dyed in the magical all natural vat of bright Indigo colour - with the mud still largely intact and protecting those segments from being dyed and creating the different colour pattern. Once dried, the mud is washed off to reveal the most amazing and special hand block printed (mud resistant) all natural Indigo colour that is truly unique and special.

Made 100% by hand, by my team of artisans in India, and never re-stocked.

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