The Art of Indigo - Shibori style

In my last collection I wrote a detailed post about my love of Shibori,
and the intricate and detailed process that goes into making it.
It is truly a time consuming labor of love, which helps make each
and every single piece more unique than the last.
In my current season I combined my love of the Shibori style,
with my love of Indigo.
But Indigo is perhaps one of the most precious
and magical colors to work with, due largely to the fact that it is actually
a living color, crafted by masters using century old traditions and timings,
mixing the colors to perfection in huge vats.
This is why to me Indigo is so amazing, especially in my current
collection given all the production issues and delays that these type
of small batch artisans encounter.
Each piece is unique, and magical, and special, so I hope you
can treasure and love them, like I do.

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