Sand Swept Collection


An ode to ancient craftsmanship in every style, Sand Swept incorporates my love of block printing, shibori, and hand stitching in a neutral color palette that is both subtle and sustainable. By creating a tailored, crafted, artisanal, and neutral color palette - I was able to focus more on attention to details and artisanal skills, incorporating ancient mud resistant dye techniques, hand stitching, and the love detail that goes into each and every single piece in my Sand Swept delivery.

Possibly my first ever collection that focuses more on neutral and an absence of color, heavy shades of sandy hue are reminiscent of a sand dune at dusk and the intoxicating smell of vanilla bean on the evening air. These were some of the thoughts thoughts that inspired me when I was designing this collection, created during my 8 1/2 month stay in India during Covid lockdown last year. 
More of a muted celebration and looking forward with hope and optimism for the better times that we all hope are ahead.

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