Peacock Print Styles

So much style in our amazing Peacock Print - and so much to love. Inspired by the undying love of Indian fauna, in particular the quisqualis - which is like an Indian honeysuckle and its lovely vine with pinkish-red flower clusters.

Enat Dress


one of my favorite styles that I have made for seasons, feminine yet functional, it is my classic take on a Boho dress, with style. The hand embroiders and red tassels on the front and back yoke, give this dress the amazing details we love.

Rina Dress

this standout piece provides a more elegant and elevated look, in an effortless statement in an open and comfortable frame. Button up or button-down, with side pockets just in case.

Renata Dress

A perfect combination of both the Enat and Rina Dress, offering both a more relaxed and flowing fit but with the button up elegance for that special occasion.

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