Peach Khadi Hand Block Print

If you've been following me closely, you will have seen a sneak peak of this fabric before, but it was so special that I wanted to revisit the process that goes into making this very special fabric.

Cut from Khadi, the most natural and luxurious fabric that is indigenous to India, the fabric itself is soft and lovely and special to touch. Then we work with the most skilled hand block printers, working with a custom patterns and print designed by me to hand cut the wooden block that goes into hand stamping the pattern using all natural dyes.

In my efforts to do this amazing fabric justice, I made two (I hope) stunning styles, that I hope will let the fabric shine. First off is my Aarti Top - I usually describe it as a versatile piece that can be worn either as a dress or a top.  

Further accentuating the lovely fabric, I have created a front yoke that is intricately tailored with pin tuck pleats. And with a hem that is high in the front and low in the back it is perfectly paired with either your favourite jeans or your best knee high boots.

And the other style that I thought would best pay homage to this stunning fabric and allow it to really shine, is my Myra Dress - one of my best selling bodies from my previous deliveries, with a relaxed fitting knee length with a ruched detail at the square shape neckline, and ruffle details across the shoulders, as always with side pockets.

Due to the nature of the hand block printing and the hand spun khadi, there will always be some little variations in each dress - but I always feel that only serves to highlight the handmade and true uniqueness that is in each and every single dress. Made by hand in small quantities, and never re-stocked.

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