My hand made Ruby Dress

Our ethereal Ruby dress is made in 100% natural cotton slub, hand block printed with all natural dyes.
Full of the most amazing details you have ever seen, including baby knife stitched down pleats on the front bib, and tiered pleats throughout. The extended shoulder strap accents add an extra embellishment and comfort factor that allow you to fit the dress to your needs. An easy pullover style with elastic back for the perfect fit, in a more forgiving and flowing body.
Madras cotton became popular in Europe 1600’s because it was lightweight and breathable. Cotton plaid madras reached America in 1718 as a donation to the Collegiate School of Connecticut (now known as Yale University).

In the United States, the plaid cotton madras shirt became popular in the 1960s among the post-World War II generation of preppy baby boomers.As early as the 1930s, cotton madras clothing was emerging as a status symbol in the US because only American tourists who could afford expensive Caribbean vacations during the Great Depression had access and thus the madras shirt was a signal of affluence.

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