Mud Resistant Magic

Mud resistant Magic Natural Indigo Romper

Mud resistant, hand block printed, and 100% hand made stunning Meher Romper is back and looking better than ever.

Meher Romper, mud resistant block print, coconut buttons, relaxed body and easy to wear
I always talk about the details and steps that go into my designs, and how its a labor of love, but its often hard to represent that level of detail and process. Using all natural mud coupled then with pure Indigo, and topped off with a a hand block print finish, no two are ever the same and each is sure to stun and represent the true hand touch and love that goes into making each and every single one.
steps of mud resistant indigo dying
Finished with my usual detailing to make it hang just right and with adjustable shoulder straps, I am sure you'll find the perfect occasion for this one. Hand made, in limited quantities, and never re-stocked.

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