Moroccan Red Tile Print - The Story

In continuing with my ongoing theme for Fall, I wanted to include as many rich and traditional and natural Indian heritage prints and patterns, as an homage of sorts to my natural motherland. It should not surprise then that I picked another deep, dark, rich red as one of the favourite colors of India - Terracotta Red.

Indian sculpture made heavy use of Terracotta in the 1st century as clay was so easily available with stone and metal sculpture being rather rare. As such, many of the older houses find red brick roofs as being quite prevalent in Indian Architecture even now.

The print design that I have designed, reflects this history, but I chose to add in a Mughal tile design, to create a stunning red mosaic print. I hope that the print can inspire some sort of rich reflections and reminiscing to the old glory days of Mughal empires gone past.

Available in my stunning Mandy Dress and Mani Top.

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