Follow the Rainbow

If you follow me on Instagram (and I hope you do @kopalshop if not!), I made a few posts recently about how hard its been to put myself out there more and be in front of the camera. It's hard in the best of times! But when I look at these pictures, took during my Covid extended stay in India when i was so constantly stressed and worried and trying to get back to my son, they seem like they came from another time and world - almost a moment of peace and tranquility in time amidst a hurricane. But I admit I love having them now to look back on, and clearly the clothes are not hurting the pictures!


So here I am (again), in my Lorn Dress, made from 100% Organic Cotton in seersucker stripe, reminding us of that perfect blue rainbow....



Still combining the usual Kopal details including a hand crocheted lace on the bodice and back, and a sweet little frill that adorns the chest either. Tie at the waist or leave open and flowing for a casual look.


I hope you love it as much as I do!


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