In conversation with Abigail O'Neill

Byron–based model, mother, author, and all around inspiration is our Abigail O’Neill.  She blessed us with conversation recently, sharing a few of her age–defying secrets and recipes for life. 

Tell me about your modelling career? 

I became a model quite late in life, after throwing away a large contract at age 16, I thought that was it!  Seems sometimes opportunity does knock twice.  I started very casually at 32, I wrote my book 'Model Chocolate' – the chocolate models eat – 7 years ago, and just last year signed in Sydney with new agency, Silverfox MGMT.  I've been working fairly often since! 


How have you managed such an amazing career, your own book, and having 3 grown children? 

Yes, I consider myself very blessed!  The 3 children bit, and family, has been my number one priority—love is everything in life. 

What was the hardest and what was the best part about writing your own book? 

At the time, no one really got my Vogue Italia inspired concept for Model Chocolate, so I self published it!  It was then featured in Vogue Australia, numerous health and food magazines, websites countless, inspiration for many, The Morning Show, The Daily Edition, and sold out when it appeared on The Living Room TV. 


What is your favourite holiday destination and why? 

Ooh that's hard when you live on the far North Coast of Aus!  I'm about to leave for the UK, that may be a nice adventure for Summer.  Bali was amazing last year with my daughter.  I love anything surrounded by nature, water therapy, and raw vegan/locally grown produce. 

How long have you lived in Byron? Where are your favourite places and what are you favourite things to do? 

Byron region, now 20+ years.  It's changed a lot, the best things are still here, although more popular than ever!  The waves in the sea, but I love a quiet waterfall plunge too!  Love all the fresh organic food options this area provides.

What do the next 3–5 years hold in store for you? 

Lots of travel.  More modelling I hope.  I'm loving the age embracing, inspiring ethos many brands are incorporating. 

How has the fashion landscape changed in the last 5–10 years? 

Absolutely!  Social media has done a lot of good, but also changed many things.  I like to focus on the good, and I'm looking forward to connecting soulfully with more like-minded creatives to ripple dynamic, healthy, sustainable changes across the world for the better! 

Where do you see fashion going in the next 5-10 years? 

I see people loving and living in their clothes for longer.  Purchasing more natural fibres, made with love garments that have been manufactured from beginning to end in an Earth loving way for the future, the planet and all of it's precious people!  Let's continue to #bethechange.

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