Khadi & The Making Of

Quite simply, Khadi is the fabric of India. This fabric has a very poignant role and history in India's past. It was Gandhiji's initiative against the British Rule and helped the local artisans regain their livelihood.

For me, it is like my old best friend, one I grew up with and now grow old into. Many people refer it to as Indian linen because of its broad weave, handwoven yarns. It's cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

For my Fall line, I wanted to showcase this magically rich cloth, adding in the addition of hand block printed polka dots to create an ultimate homage to the love of the Indian artisanship.

The polka dots, made into a matching perfect size and in two colors, are made amazingly by the block printer first doing the bottom dot, and then completing the entire yardage and starting again at the beginning on the initial dot, re-doing each individual dot in a different color.

It is truly a labor of love and makes this a real labor of love and without a doubt my standout piece from my line.

Khadi truly is the fabric of India.



Khadi Series 

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