Hand block printed Longaya Top

I recently did a try on video of me wearing my Lekha Dress black/white stripe block print and had so many lovely comments and messages about the fabric and how stunning it looked. I am obviously biased, but think it is amazing, but some people who messaged me didn't even know that I also have a top, and perhaps my most relaxed and giving top - in the same amazing hand block printed fabric!! 

Now of course, it all starts with the hand block printing. A skill and art form that is passed down from generation to generation, painstakingly adding each and every single hand stamp on this garment to ensure that no two are ever the same. Then you add in the soft to touch 100% natural cotton fabric, and the hand crocheted lace details and you start to see where this top becomes not only your go to comfort top, but a statement piece for the stylish as well.

100% handmade, from pure cotton, and then hand block printed - this is a statement top if ever I made one. And as always entirely hand made and never re-stocked.

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