Hand block print beauties

100% hand block printed with all natural dyes, I am in love with the earthy tones and hand touch on my latest collection, Cochin. Inspired by my love of all things South Indian, the Khaki combines perfectly with stripes and patterns in these block printing beauties, made entirely by hand.
My Mandy Dress returns in our hand made Khaki Hexagon stripe. With the hanloom khadi front yoke paired with the contrasting hand block print of my own design, this will be the most special addition to your closet.
Due to the hand made nature of this entire line, there will be some differences and inconsistencies in the pattern or print. Some may call them mistakes - but we hope like us you will know it shows that they are 100% hand made, and thus even more special.
My Khar top returns too, in the same Khaki Hexagon block printed fabric. That extra fabric allows a little more movement in this top perfect for a night out over jeans or a trip to the beach.
The Sur Dress is a new design this season, my perfect transitional dress for day to night and in between seasons. Made from a Khaki Bold Stripe Blend, the stripe directions have been manipulated to offer a standout piece, whatever the occassion.
And last but certainly not least in this stunning color palette, my Ooni Jacket in Khaki Bold Stripe, is a versatile stunner that can be worn as a jacket or even a dress. 

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