Essentials - from my family to yours

I would like to introduce my line of ‘essentials’.
This collection is named after its purpose and service. While my customers struggle
to adapt to sustainability and the pressure on how to convert their wardrobes
into more green closets supporting small businesses and not break the bank.

We as designers and companies must realize it is our job to create products
that can help the consumer adapt to the sustainability as a lifestyle.
I have created a line of ‘basics’ a product line that focuses on articles of
clothingwe like to buy in budget, and at this time of the year
a perfect gift for so many in your family.

My very first attempt at really becoming a part of your entire family
with a range of Women’s Sleepwear, Men’s Lounge wear and Childrens wear
in the softest natural cotton all hand printed with wooden blocks
and with natural dyes.

During Covid lockdown when I interviewed my artisans one of the aspects
that stuck out to me was how they had so many cancelled orders.
They are bolts and bolts of fabric just sitting - rejected. I decided to rescue some of these
meterage from the landfill and convert them into items you could use in your daily life.

Keeping the idea in mind, they are also economically priced so our customers
that give us a try and introduce us into their lives in more ways than one.
Hence the range is not a particular ‘color story’, it’s a real mixture of color and prints,
almost a rainbow and what better time for me to show case this for you than this festive season,
and we definitely need some brightness to close out this year!!

As I reunite with my family after 8 months it’s time to celebrate the family.
The idea of being home and being cosy really resonated with me.

I hope you enjoy these lovely pieces...
from my favorite people to yours XX ️

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