Celebrating Sisterhood in Byron Bay

We close our first year in Byron Bay, Australia, and it has been a year full of tears, laughter, joy and utter pride that we made this change in our lives. It was not easy to reclaim my uniqueness & rebuild our life completely here in Byron Bay, ignoring what has happened to us in the past or what will happen to us in future.


There have been so many learnings, adjustments and revelations. But I have learnt not to waste my time or abuse my today casually. I am learning to let myself find the beauty in nature, living with limited resources and inviting miracles in my day.

But the biggest gift that the universe has given me in my new adventure is the power of sisterhood in Byron Bay. I am so proud to call these ladies my friends and for my year-end message I wanted to highlight them and what their support means to me. They are all strong women, that are mothers and hold their careers and individuality so sacred. I strongly feel all women are connected and should be connected like a spiderweb, and if one part of that web vibrates if there's trouble, we all should know it. Most of the time though we're just too scared, or selfish, or insecure to help. But if we don't help each other, who will? Here in Byron Bay I have learnt and embraced the need to help from them.

I am looking forward to growing with them, learning more about them and loving them in the process of our new life journey in Byron Bay.
Cheers to all the sisters, friends and women out there.


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