A day at the Farmer's Market in Byron Bay

One of my favorite things about living in Byron Bay is our access to freshly farmed produce, especially at my local Farmer's Market. Even though the recent construction in Byron Bay has moved the market a little further out of town, when I am in Byron Bay and not working in India, I still try to go weekly to stock up on all the amazing fresh fruit and vegetables on offer at the Byron Bay Farmer's Market. It's a great way to meet the farmers, see your friends, support the local community, and eat amazing fresh and healthy produce all grown locally in the amazing Byron Bay.

All our shopping was done by our lovely Mary in our stunning Bella Dress at the Byron Bay Farmer’s Market! Don't forget to shop at the Byron Bay (or wherever you live) local farmers market to eat healthy and support your local neighbours.

Have you been to the Byron Bay Farmer’s Market yet?

You can visit the Byron Bay Farmers Market every Thursday 7 – 11am Cavanbah Centre. You can hop on the bus at Jonson St.and take the local bus there, for only $2.

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